Hot Game – Survival Heroes – Royal Battle Game MOBA

Tải Game Hot urvival Heroes – Royal Battle Game MOBA . Game sinh tồn hoành tráng nhất trong lich sử trên Android . Trong game có đầy đủ các loại vũ khí để bạn sử dụng diệt kẻ thù , mang lại cho bạn cảm giác phiêu lưu thú vị . Cập nhật các bản hack game , game mới , game hot nhất tại Taihack.Net . Downloa Game APK Survival Heroes Free New Update


APK : Download
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Version: 1.0.2

Download size: 82.31 Mb

ROOT Requirement: No.

Requires Android: 6.0+

Video Game Mod:

Note when using the game mod apk:

In order for the Hack / Mod version to work and avoid being thrown, please turn off the Internet when playing games Can turn on the network for a long time after.

Game mod free shop mod full coin for Android Mobile when buying full money, max gold, unlimited diamonds must also turn off 4G or Wifi to not lose unjust money.

For games with OBB. Please install the APK file and then extract the downloaded OBB file, Copy the folder in the form (com …) in OBB into the Android / obb folder. Then enter the game and enjoy it ^^.

When the download link is deleted or fails, please use the backup link

If the game mod is no longer usable or there is an error, please leave a comment below.

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Game Description:

Join the MOBA battlefield with up to 100 people in the game Survival Heroes for Android, you and everyone parachute down a vast map, collect weapons and fight to become the only one to survive.

Survival Heroes is an action role-playing game that combines two of the most popular mobile games today, MOBA and fighting for survival. The game has a way of starting quite similar to the survival shooting game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) when 100 people parachute to a deserted place without having a weapon or any equipment. Then they have to find themselves, collect furniture and fight each other, trying to become the last person alive.

However, instead of shooting gameplay, Survival Heroes players will fight MOBA against each other. Weapons in the game are extremely diverse, including melee and ranged combat, for gamers to choose. Besides, there are many types of skills and items for players to strengthen their characters, similar to other MOBA games.

Get ready to gather friends, rob treasure and crush any opponent. Unleash your inner hero, fight 99 other real players, and see if you can stand to the end!

Salient features of the game Survival Heroes for Android
Gameplay MOBA + Battle Royale
Get ready to experience the most epic MOBA battles in history. With the traditional MOBA game control mechanism, you will quickly enter and strive to become a master in the most interesting way.

In Survival Heroes, all players have the same starting point and are taken to the valleys of the heroes. Go pick up your first weapon and start a fair fight with others, explore a vast land of dangerous but resource-filled creatures. Also, be alert when encountering bushes or fog because you will never know what is hiding in it.

Choose where to land
In Survival Heroes, players can choose where they started the game, whether it is a dangerous area or a remote area. Make a wise choice because you only have one life in each game.

Choose equipment
No need to buy equipment to become champion. Use your luck and your skills to get there. To become a winner, you need to improvise by choosing the right equipment at the right time.

Weapons and diverse items
Survival Heroes has over 30 different weapons, giving heroes hundreds of unique abilities. You can use strong firepower to destroy all opponents, or attack in a sneaky way by setting traps, hiding in the bushes and waiting for your enemies to enter.

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