Hack New Version – Guild of Heroes: Magic Knights Hack Mod for iOS

Download Hack New Version – Guild of Heroes: Magic Knights Hack Mod for iOS. Role-playing game, you will play as fighters who break into the dungeon to fight evil witches, rescue your friends. Role-playing game with beautiful graphics like never before, in this hack you can Defense Multiple, Multiple Damage and many other new features are waiting for you. Update the latest hack daily for free at TaiHack.Net.


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Version: 1.84.7

Download size: 112KB

ROOT Requirement: No.


  1. Menu mod
    Damage Multiple
    Defense Multiple

Video Game Mod:

Note when using the game mod apk:

In order for the Hack / Mod version to work and avoid being thrown, please turn off the Internet when playing games Can turn on the network for a long time after.

Game mod free shop mod full coin for Android Mobile when buying full money, max gold, unlimited diamonds must also turn off 4G or Wifi to not lose unjust money.

For games with OBB. Please install the APK file and then extract the downloaded OBB file, Copy the folder in the form (com …) in OBB into the Android / obb folder. Then enter the game and enjoy it ^^.

When the download link is deleted or fails, please use the backup link

If the game mod is no longer usable or there is an error, please leave a comment below.

If you want to mod your favorite game, leave a comment in any article. I wish you happy gaming and do not forget to visit TaiHack.Net to download the best hack game mod every day.

Game Description:

Recently, I have introduced to you many RPG action games like Tales of Gaia or Power Rangers RPG. These games always get the special love of players because of the attractiveness in the gameplay along with high quality graphics. According to that inspiration, today I continue to introduce another very good game called Guild of Heroes. In my opinion, this can be considered as a perfect RPG product, a great product of the publisher BIT.GAMES. The game is highly appreciated by the international community. Are you a fan of RPG games? This game might be all you’re looking for.

Wizarding World

This game was inspired by the J.K.Rowling novel series, Harry Potter. Throughout the game is an unforgiving battle in the wizarding world. You will be immersed in a world full of monsters, witches, flying brooms, magic wand and even super warriors. The Dark Lord is rising. He and the monsters are attacking the human world in order to rule the world. You are a warrior in this world. You and other warriors join in the fight to destroy all monsters, protect the world. Will luck be on your side in this battle?

Character classes

Guild of Heroes has an action role-playing game. You can choose one of the four main character classes in the game before joining this world, including Witches, Archers, Warriors, Assassins. Each character has a unique strength, a unique skill and a unique way to map. This game has a very interesting feature. If you are playing wizards, you want to switch to Archers, you do not need to change characters, just change the equipment for the character. Although not as strong as a real Archer, but at least you do not have to play from the beginning. Great!


Similar to most other RPG games, Guild of Heroes has two main modes: PvE and PvP. The game’s quest system takes you on a tour of the vast world. You will be fighting in mysterious caverns, vast deserts to a thousand years forest. Destroying the Boss will bring you a lot of good equipment. I appreciate the mission system of this game. When you are in the middle of a task, you can pause for another time to play. This helps you not need to play many hours to complete the task, but can experience the game in the most comfortable way.

In addition, PvP mode will help you challenge other players. They are also wizards and warriors who are strong, not easy to defeat. Because they have the same skills and tactics as you should just one mistake, you can also take bitter defeat. Do not give up, because the game is unlimited. Keep practicing, fight and come back stronger.

Control mechanism of the game is not difficult at all. Whether you are a veteran gamer or a beginner, you only need a little time to master the operations in this game. Properly combining the characters’ moves will create very powerful combos, causing tons of damage. Therefore, you should learn the characters or refer to the play of other players. The higher the level, the Guild of Heroes will allow you to learn more powerful, more effective techniques. However, many players feel that the power between the player and the boss is quite different. One critical boss attack is 70000 dame, and your health is … 53000 HP.

Beautifully designed

I feel the 3D graphics of Guild of Heroes is not inferior to the leading MOBA games on the market. The effects of the character are very perfect, hard to fault. The environment in the game is also very real. Each crack on the rocks, the sword slash through the trees is detailed simulation, not unlike the real world. I bet you can find a game with better graphics than Guild of Heroes.

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