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Fishing has never been so fun with Monster Fishing 2019. Realistic 3D graphics, simple gameplay, more than 250 different fish species, and a variety of fishing locations in the world. All are free and are right on your smartphone. Monster Fishing, as its name implies, is an actual “monster” game. The game is a new game developed by Nexelon inc. Nexelon Inc. is a game developer that started out in 2017, with two new titles: Space Rider and Monster Fishing. Launched earlier this year, Monster Fishing, the number two product on the market, has seen hundreds of downloads, bringing Nexelon to the Top 100 Game Developers in 10 different countries.

A true 3D game

Ocean waves, coral reefs, jagged reefs and more than 250 species of fish are designed to be realistic in every detail, making the Monster Fishing experience memorable. Some users complain that the graphics of the game look fake and not real, but in my opinion, a new set like Monster Fishing to achieve the level of graphics as things are too kind. Realistic live graphics, combined with live sound and realistic sound that makes the experience of players with Monster Fishing very real. The waves of water flapping the boat, the whining, the ball bearings of the practical need to spin, … all combine and resonate, bring the fishing trip cannot be more attractive!

Simple, useful gameplay

Like all real-life fishing trips, at Monster Fishing, the player will board a fishing boat and be equipped with fishing bait and a fishing pole. There are many places to choose from around the world. Each fish raised, based on the weight and rare species of the fish, players will receive the corresponding bonus amount. Primarily, with each bet, players can view information about the origin and behaviour of the fish, or capture the image to show off their achievements with friends. Play Monster Fishing, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun fishing trip and learn more interesting about the fish and the world around.

Ocean World is abundant with over 250 different fish species and more than 30 new fishing spots! The strength of Monster Fishing 2018 is the variety of fish species and fishing locations. At each location in the world, there will be fish species specific to each area. Players can go to the Gansbaai Shark Corridor in South Africa to conquer the shrewd sharks, to the secret fishing grounds in the Pacific to catch the beautiful fish paradise. You can even participate in colossal whale hunts to earn huge bonuses! Moreover, players have the opportunity to explore the ocean world rich, diverse and authentic in different seas of the world. Are you ready to go fishing and explore the world with Monster Fishing? For the convenience of the player, in addition to the simple control: with just a simple hold and drop, the publisher also adds to the Monster Fishing automatic fishing function.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics of the game are designed in authentic 3D style. All fish are painted to look like real life. Another plus point of the game is that the player can get information about the fish that he just caught in the right corner of the screen. In addition, the sound is not the main focus of this game. There are no good pop tracks, no pleasant music. All this only includes the winds of nature, the waves, and the sounds of the fish below.

Sum up

With the power of simple gameplay, realistic 3D design and a collection of over 250 different species of fish, Monster Fishing 2018 MOD is an exciting entertainment game for all ages. As an offline game, the game promises to be an ideal companion in the boring moments after the stressful working hours.

MOD: Many diamonds/gold/hooks/VIP 5

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