Hack Au 2 Mobile Android – Mod Menu,Auto Dance, Auto Perfect

Hack Au 2 Mobile Android – Mod Menu,Auto Dance, Auto Perfect. Tải Hack Game Mobile Miễn Phí, hệ thống quen thuộc, cho dù đó là một chế độ mới cho thử thách tiếp theo hơn bao giờ hết. Thời trang và vẻ thực tế hơn 1.000 mảnh thiết kế đẹp mà người tí hon có thể được nâng cấp với một loạt các khả năng độc đáo. Gặp gỡ bạn bè mới, tình bạn, bạn sẽ không bao giờ quên nó trong AU2 Mobile.

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_ Auto Dance _ Auto S.Perfect _ Auto Perfect _ Auto Cool _ Auto Good

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Gỡ phiên bản hiện tại ở trong máy (nếu có). Tải phiên bản mod.apk bên dưới về, mở ra và cài đặt. Done!
AU 2 – AUDITIONING ON MOBILE  Different from other mobile dance games on the market, with Au 2 you will be able to experience a virtual world of their own with extremely interesting tasks. It’s not just a colorful world of youthful, top-notch dance music but also a place to interact, interact and express yourself with unique features! PLAY AU 2 – BECOME A FASHIONISTA INSTRUMENT AS AUDITION – With Au 2 you will be overwhelmed by the rich fashion store with thousands of attractive wings and accessories. It will be cute anime style, casual style, chic style or dynamic hiphop style. – Especially, 3D graphics in Au 2 sharp, detailing costumes are carefully invested, meticulous. Sophisticated fashion effects with sparkling jewelery, flying lapels when moving in the game will bring the best feeling. – Moreover, items made in Vietnam from the legendary version of Audition PC are constantly updated to Au 2, which will surely bring a sense of closeness to Au players. AU 2 – MUSIC – FLIGHTING – Au 2 is the latest version of Audition in 2018. You will be joining a world of music, dance and stage performances monster ready to become a real dancer. – The best quality of music is now combined with each dance mode to give players the best experience. AU 2 – FRIENDSHIP CONCERNS – The most classy bars, modern amusement arcades will give you the time to spend the rest of your life with friends. – With its unique positioning feature, it’s easy to identify people around you easily. – Diverse activities such as “back to back”, “kneel”, “angry”, … extremely cute helps you express your personality differently. ENGLISH FEATURES – Match any gender, join together love affair with the wedding ceremony on the romantic island, you will have a very memorable wedding ceremony. – Variable Variety with unique PET system, only in Au 2. Each cute PET will give you a…

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